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Hotel Property Management Software.

Designed to be the Most Powerful, Intuitive Hotel PMS System on the Market.

At the core of every hotel operator’s business is the guest experience. Because it is important for your front desk staff to be confident and organized, we strive to make the front desk processes as simple and easy to use as possible. Our unique one-step screens are simple to learn and powerful to use.

Server-based Hotel Property Management System

AutoClerk PMS is a Microsoft Windows application typically deployed on premise at your hotel, but can also be deployed at a hotel’s off-site data center.

Yield Management Tools

AutoClerk Yield Management Rules offer sensitivity to your occupancy by allowing you to define what levels will trigger different room rate tiers. These rules can also take into account the number of days into the future the guest is booking the room. In that way, quoting a guest a room rate is kept quick and easy. Rates within a particular reservation or in-house folio can be different for every day of a stay, or they can be averaged.

AutoClerk’s Yield Management Report is a general manager’s favorite. It calculates revenue and occupancy statistics for any combination of time periods, (past, present and future), by rate class or source of business – a critical tool in budgeting, planning and optimizing a property’s rates.

Guest History & Profiles

AutoClerk’s “profile lookup” searches the entire AutoClerk database, including past stays, current check-ins and future reservations. Profile lookups can identify by guest, company, group, or travel agent and can be made to be automatic, so that a reservation name entry will invoke a profile list of matches. Choosing from the profile list makes a reservation entry fast (the clerk need not type in the entire name and address) and also serves to provide consistent spelling of names and addresses to greatly enhance marketing and sales efforts. It also allows a reservationist to see how much business a guest brings to the hotel in terms of nights, stays and revenue.

Room Allotments

AutoClerk has built-in support for wholesaler room allotments with rolling cut-off dates and pickup reports. Each day of an allotment can have its own setting for number of rooms allotted, and AutoClerk will not allow reservation entry which overbooks a given allotment. When printing a guest registration or folio associated with an allotment, AutoClerk knows not to show the room rate.

iconWhy Choose AutoClerk PMS?

  • Single step check-in
  • Single screen reservations
  • Group processing
  • Guest history
  • Tape chart with drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transfer a guest or change a blocked room reservation.
  • See the status of every room in your hotel at a glance.

Channel Auditing

AutoClerk’s channel reports show actual pickups for each reservation channel, allowing you to compare billings based on projected stays against the actual stay. This saves time and expense because third-party channel invoices will often indicate extra and erroneous charges for no-shows, cancellations, early checkouts and incorrect room rates.

Availability Snapshot

AutoClerk availability screen offers a quick and easy way, by date, for a clerk to view availability, rates, local events and other rules and restrictions defined by management.

Easy Audit

AutoClerk is proud to have pioneered the one-step night audit. Nightly audit report is saved on disk, and is available in a variety of formats. Options are available to turn off audit printing to save paper and time. Automatically posts room and tax


The housekeeping module allows you to update a single room at a time or work with groups of rooms. There is a simple process to perform room status changes, room attendant assignments and out of order rooms. For example, configuration options allow you to customize reports based on property layout or individual housekeeper.

Your Complete Hotel Property Management System

  • Server & Cloud Based Hotel Property Management Software (PMS) starting at $2.99/mo per room
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