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Slide1 hotel property management software Your COMPLETE

Hotel Property Management System

Our unique revenue-generating ecosystem integrates
basic technology functionality necessary to managing
the day-to-day operations of your hotel with the most
innovative and advanced business-building tools on
the market today.
Slide2 hotel pms rate management Manage Rates
Our RMS package is fully integrated to our
property management system. It forecasts demand,
suggests rates and updates the property management system
with just one click.
Slide3 It’s all about the
hotel pms Know your guests and increase repeat business. Guest profiles, loyalty programs,
web and mobile booking, eLetters and group management are all integrated into
our property management systems.
profiles loyalty group email marketing
Slide4 cloud hotel property management software Single or Multi-Property
Business Intelligence.
See your entire hotel operation or hotel group at a glance,
and create customizable reports without the need of
a data management pro.
Slide5 hotel pms interfaces Interfaces With Over
50 Systems.
Direct, two-way communication with the industry’s top
technology providers.
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Delivering Server & Cloud-based
Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS)



Pricing options to fit your needs including subscription with no upfront fees.


Mobile Ready

Run your hotel from any mobile device with a browser.


24/7 Support

Our phone support staff and trainers each have five years of hands-on hotel work experience.

Your Complete Hotel Property Management System

  • Server & Cloud-based Hotel Management Software (PMS) starting at $2.99/month per room
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Our Customers

“I just wanted to take a moment and express to you what a pleasure it is to deal with both Glen and Esther whenever I have any issues or questions regarding Auto Clerk. These two employees always go above and beyond to make sure the issues are resolved with the most upbeat and cheerful attitude. No matter how stressful the situation is on my end they always reassure me that they are there to help to resolve the issue with a positive attitude. By the end of the call with them the call that began with much stress always seems to end with same positive, cheerful, attitude they project along with my questions answered or issues resolved. I feel this speaks volumes of their great customer service skills and they should be recolonized for this. Thank you.”

Mary Royal

Regional Reservations Manager, Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I just wanted to comment about our relationship with AutoClerk. With all the companies I deal with on a regular basis and some just simply trying to get our business, there are some that we would not ever part with. AutoClerk is one. Any time we have questions or need help, they are just a phone call away. Never patronizing, they go to bat for us, guide us in every way to get us back up and running or whatever our concerns are. Even if I have not spoken to them for long periods of time, you would think that we had just been on the phone that week. With all the pressures that one knows is with running a Hotel, the last thing I need is probably the Biggest worry of all, and that is being able to get our guest in without any worries because if you don’t have that, you just about don’t have anything. I think they have more power than “Mother Nature” and I would not give them up for anything or any other company that is always trying to get us on board with them. Not happening. Thanks, AutoClerk for making this much easier for us to run this business.”

Sandy Littlefield

General Manager, Best Western Shadow, Woodland, CA

“In our fast-paced business, we cannot afford any down time. The responsive AutoClerk support team comes through always in a timely manner to resolve the random, occasional issue that arises. They let me sleep well every night.”

Harvey Robbins

General Manager, Best Western Beachside Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA

“Many companies try to provide what AutoClerk provides, but AutoClerk does a great job providing reliable and efficient products which helps make our hotel operations successful. The first thing you see is the exceptional customer support that the company provides. We are impressed with the PMS system and the interface to related products which resulted in increased productivity. I highly recommend AutoClerk.”

Sam Nassif

Managing Partner, Z Hotel, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

“The Technical Support of AutoClerk exceeds any PMS Company that I have ever worked with. AutoClerk’s technical support team is the friendliest and most responsive that I have ever encountered.”

Tony Pace

General Manager, Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara, CA

“AutoClerk understands what it means to deliver excellent customer service for my hotels. As a 24-hour business, we rely on their quality products to create the best experience for our guests every day. When I need help, AutoClerk turns my concerns into their concerns until we find a resolution together.”

Jon Glidewell

Beachcomber Hotels, Mendocino Coast, Fort Bragg, CA

“I have used Autoclerk at 3 properties over more than a decade. It is very user friendly, simple and intuitive, and the 24/7 customer service support is invaluable. I have always felt that the team at Autoclerk are responsive, professional and friendly. It is perfect tool for small – mid sized properties.”

Jennifer Zerfas

General Manager, Berkeley Lab Guest House, Berkeley, CA

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