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AutoClerk IP BackUp is an Internet data backup application that works in conjunction with all AutoClerk PMS products.

  • The application, on a daily basis, automatically transfers PMS data from the property to an off-premise data-center.
  • Should there be a catastrophic loss or corruption of PMS data at the property, AutoClerk technicians can restore the property’s PMS data from the data-center backup copy.
  • Hoteliers are informed of backup status via daily emails and text notifications.

Data is automatically backed up once every 24 hours, and the backups can be scheduled during the time of day, or night, during which the property is least busy. This ensures that your normal business operations are not affected by the process. Each backup triggers emails to one or more recipients, and/or text messages to cell phone(s) to inform hoteliers when backups are completed, or if there is any problem with the backup process. Data compression and encryption is used to provide speed and security during backups. Compatible with all high-speed Internet connections. Works in conjunction with other premise-based backup systems. Detailed log files provide information on all backup and restore transactions.

Data-center retains four PMS backup sets, which are: last backup, yesterday’s backup, last week’s backup, and end-of-last- month backup. Easy to use restore module allows recovery of data in times of emergency. With AutoClerk technical assistance, restored PMS files can be written to their original location or can be saved into a different folder. Hoteliers can receive a text message and/or an email when a request to restore data has been initiated. Unlike competitive products, files are not opened at the data-center. During the restoration process, the data-center delivers the base files in their original compressed and encrypted format to the hotelier’s computer network, at which point the files are then uncompressed and decrypted on the hotelier’s PC. The data center has redundant connections by using multiple fiber optic connections to multiple providers via high speed independent fiber routes. All data is maintained with redundant backups in place, and mirrored drives and backups.

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