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AutoClerk’s PMS is EMV (chip) credit card certified and offers hoteliers the following advantages:

✔ Reduce liability/chargebacks – as of Oct. 2015, hoteliers processing credit cards with chips the old-fashioned way (reading magnetic stripe) are now liable for fraud instead of the issuing bank.

✔ Reduce vulnerability to hackers within hotels’ Local Area Network (LAN) — data coming out of the Ingenico or PAX readers is encrypted.

✔ Reduce hotels’ PCI’s footprint – data encrypted by Ingenico readers can only be decrypted by Shift4, and data encrypted by PAX can only be decrypted by Heartland, thus making a hotelier’s PCI compliance easier to achieve.

✔ Meet expectations of security-savvy guests — hotel guests appreciate merchants that take extra steps to protect their credit cards from theft.

✔ Offer guests modern payment alternatives — both Ingenico & PAX readers can be configured to accept to Google Wallet & Apple Pay.

✔ Electronic guest signature — upon check-in, guests can sign using built-in electronic signatures pads on the EMV readers, making signature retrieval easier when necessary to dispute chargebacks.

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  • Server & Cloud Based Hotel Property Management Software (PMS) starting at $2.99/mo per room
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